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No one seems to be looking further ahead - that's the bad news from Italy.
One read: "First Mubarak, now Silvio!".The demonstrations are good news.The Same Old Madhouse, they complain about discrimination in the workplace, and about getting fired when they're pregnant.There were even demonstrations abroad, in Tokyo, Brussels, London and Paris.What kind of country are we living in?"."I'm not here to criticize porno parties says one former member of Berlusconi's party.At least 30,000 people gathered on the Piazza del Popolo.But is this a revolution?"I criticize the political class that turns such parties into systems of rule.It was the motto of the afternoon.We want to be protagonists, not the butt of male jokes the premier tells in his villa." The female leader of the biggest trade union group says: "We are extras in an endless soap opera." A nun who looks after African prostitutes in Turin says.
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But it would be ridiculous to compare the protests to the Egyptian revolution, as some banners in Rome sex Täter Registrierung fort wayne indiana suggested.They are rising up against what they regard as a hopelessly outdated, 1950s portrayal of women in the media and in politics these days: that women are pretty and docile and that there place is in the home, in charge of "la famiglia." They want.Even before the demonstrations took place, he was ridiculing them and railing against his supposedly puritanical, humorless critics.Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi - are screaming "Ora basta!" They've had enough.He traveled to Rome incognito and savored earth's delights to the full, sex mit jemand auf adult friend finder literary historians say, enjoying wine, women and lively discourse.Silvio Berlusconi isn't finished - that too became evident this weekend.Because you deserve what dating deserves: better.The protest march by Italian women was an attempt to restore a little decency and sobriety, it's part of fight against superficiality, egoism and the aggressive mood in the country.He won't be toppled by demonstrations or by judges who now plan to put him on trial.Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like.If he had been on Piazza del Popolo square, less than a hundred meters from his house in the Via del Corso 18, on Sunday afternoon, he wouldn't have believed his eyes.

Then someone shouted from a stage: "Se non ora, quando?" If not now, when?