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Sex on the first date Songtext

I even remembered the cover correctly and the songs.
I still think.The Beatles were very, very reluctant to embrace stereo recordings-despite the fact that led the recording industry into advanced new recording practices.Hidden messages are fun.As one who enjoys the 'art' of music, there is no such thing as one version being better than the other - they are variances of the same and should be appreciated for the uniqueness each.Theres actually no refrence to drugs at all in this song.If you want a shorter one, check out the version on Love.Dylan was big into smack in the 60's, as was lennon (later on!).although as is said in Clinton Heylins book they were both on jun (smack) when they met.I love this song and I don't think any hidden symbolism could make me change my ee - Orlando, Fl " Hey Jude wow )Thats all that I can say.One might have influneced the other.Because it sounds -exactly- like my husky howling, date raffle sex and every single time I hear it, I freak out and go check on the dog.I think it's the stereo version but i'm not sure.And I love the video clip with a very enthusiastic audience singing and ul - Eindhoven, Netherlands.

HOW could YOU think suchink about sucice AND wonderful song like this!But since it was recorded two years after Hey Jude, and because it's 1 second shorter, the "na na" part at the end was probably recorded as an inside joke.Definetly (dnt know how to spell it) one of my top 5Ariana - Lima, Peru This is #8 in Rolling Stone's list of 500 greatest ss - Independence, frau sucht mann plauen Mo Absolutely nothing aout drugs.Give me any song in existence, and I could probably interpret almost all of them as full-fledged drug songs.To not be afraid, to let down his defenses, and not remain cold and closed off.They wanted audiences to hear the "total" sound all at once-not with instruments and voices divided up into speakers around the room depending on where you happened to be standing.Unless they went into the future and came back, the writing of this song, inspired by the 9/11 attacks is not possible.I believe that Paul was telling him to trust enough to let a woman into his heart.Ted - Loveland, Co I have always had it very clear in my mind that this song is about an artist, Jude, trying to improve a melody, which is lovingly called "her" in the lyrics.
Enough with the speculation.
)Luna - San Diego, Ca john yells at 2:56, paul swears at 2:58 :DK - Nowhere, On random fact- the live version from Paul's "Back in the US" tour is really fun; there's something awesome about a stadium full of people screaming "naaa.