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But after more than three years, it is clear Wall has fallen short of all those hopes.
Soon after he was installed as bishop, Wall issued a news release promising to liste der registrierten Sexualstraftäter in alberta conduct a thorough review of the Gallup Diocese's personnel files to determine which clergy, living or deceased, were sexual abusers.
In a September 2009 interview, Wall said the "best practice" in facing clergy abuse allegations is to make public announcements in all the priest's former parishes to help other abuse victims come forward.Wall has also not fulfilled any of the promises made by the previous chancery, such as the promise to report newly made allegations against living priests to local law enforcement.Instead, diocesan attorneys battled the Native abuse victims in tribal court for several years before finally signing monetary settlement agreements with them.But like the politician that sex Spiel Geburtsdatum he is, Wall excels at empty promises and superficial gestures.But after three years, it is clear that isn't going to happen.Wall has turned a blind eye to Maikowski's countless ethical and boundary issue violations and ignored the many complaints lodged against Maikowski by devout Catholic parents and community members.Through Wall's actions and inaction, it is clear he is neither a strong leader - spiritually or otherwise - and he has shown no moral courage.Is a throwaway parish that deserves the "pass-the-trash" treatment.Instead, Wall placed Boland on ice in a house in Gallup for more than a year and then allowed Boland to flee back to Ireland.Wall has failed to fulfill that promise.Instead, he has failed to fulfill a long line of broken promises.On a personal level, Wall is a nice guy who rides mountain bikes, talks sports, and offers warm handshakes and hugs like any good politician.Had Wall tumed over the Boland allegations to Arizona law enforcement officials, Boland's guilt or innocence might have legitimately been determined.Those treaty negotiators were just like Wall: smooth-talking nice guys making empty promises to vulnerable people - and just following the orders of their superiors back East).The Gallup Diocese still needs an internal cleaning, it's still facing the same problems it faced when Wall arrived, its divisions are still unhealed, and Wall's chancery has demonstrated less honesty and transparency than the chancery of the late Bishop Donald.
When Wall arrived here in 2009, he was widely welcomed by everyone - Catholics and non-Catholics alike.
But the Diocese of Gallup needs more than just a nice guy or a good politician as its bishop.

Last month Wall celebrated a special Mass on Tekakwitha's Feast Day.With his friendly politician's demeanor, empty promises, and superficial gestures, Wall is a man who truly missed his calling by being born at the wrong time.For more than two years, Wall has repeatedly refused to answer media questions about Thomas.The Gallup chancery made much of the fact that Wall, a non-Indian, was born on the Navajo Nation and lived there briefly das beste casual sex app london as a baby - as if that would somehow make him a good bishop of this diocese.In October, he will lead a pilgrimage group, including some local Native American Catholics, to Tekakwitha's canonization in Rome.Wall has had the opportunity to make those announcements, but he - has failed to.Wall has lost his golden opportunity to be the kind of bishop the Diocese of Gallup sorely needs.And Wall would actually try to live out the teachings of Jesus, who leveled his harshest criticism at the hypocritical religious leaders of his day.
Those Native people who accompany Wall on the trip should be wary that they don't allow themselves to be exploited like the Natives that were hauled back to Spain as curiosities by Columbus.
It needs a strong spiritual leader with real moral courage.

Gallup (NM the Gallup Independent, editorial, friday, August 10, 2012.