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Essex lokale eye health network

Discuss direction of indoor tanning regulations and restrictions.
11 To reduce skin cancer/ melanoma rates on the North Shore and Cape Ann Area To strengthen the capacity of local public health to work more collaboratively.
003(G) sex date in berlin Develop more diseasebased messages Eliminate claims to Vit D, base tan Imposition of fines Work with Town Counsel to develop regulatory changes mdph Legal Analysis of Regs Question Can a local BOH develop regulations more restrictive than State regulations for indoor tanning?
Our Group meetings offer the chance for members to network in a friendly environment with like minded people.CDC, WHO, aada, AAP, mdph, FDA, EPA, ACS, Skin Cancer Foundation).Dermatologists Say No to Minors The American Academy of Dermatology Association (aada) opposes indoor tanning and supports a ban on the production and sale of indoor tanning equipment for non-medical purposes.Indoor UV Tanning Ray is Stronger l l l UV rays from tanning beds are 12 X stronger than the sun UVA is the tanning ray which tanning beds primarily emit (95 of total) UVB is the chief cause of skin reddening and sunburn UVA.83 Answer Almost certainly yes.UV Index from National Weather Service/EPA.Org Manuals should be available for all devices Check bulb guidance and usage instructions Suspend operation if hazard to health and safety present Ensure communications and warnings present Requirements for Tanning Devices l 63 123.These are great opportunities, particularly if members are carrying out vocational qualifications and need to expand their knowledge outside their usual workplace.Tanning Facilities linked to Skin Cancer: Research Findings l l 42 Exposure to indoor tanning enhances risk for skin cancer, including melanoma by 75 (comare, iarc).The Group is a great place to keep knowledge up to date, learn about new subjects and expand your understanding of common workplace hazards.American Academy of Dermatology, 2007.Learning Objective #4 Gain a deeper understanding of the tanning industry and public health implications: 41 Describe risks of tanning devices and its link to skin cancer Health basis for regulatory control Behavioral Factors Tanning promotion messaging.To promote communication and share resources among local public health departments.Members are not always H S professionals but generally have a distinct interest in the topic.
Skin Cancer: Did you know?

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Registered disinfectant Inspections l 123.WHO recommendations are consistent with those of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (icnirp) and the European Society for Skin Cancer Prevention (euroskin).Formal qualifications are not necessary to join sneosg.For tanning facilities Regulates use of specific radioactive materials in the Commonwealth Nuclear Incident Advisory Team responds to all radiation-related emergencies in Commonwealth Participate in nuclear power plant exercises Regulate x-rays, CT scans, nuclear medicine and mammography Authority for Tanning Facilities mdph.12 To strengthen policies and regulations regarding limiting exposure to indoor and outdoor UV (ultraviolet rays).Timing of exposure must be adjusted based on the type of lamp used in to prevent burning of skin and overexposure.3 million US teens visited a tanning salon in last year 1 in 4 of ALL US teen girls have used indoor UV tanning devices (lifetime) Tanning Industry l Indoor tanning is a 5 billion-a -year industry 49 25, 000 tanning salons.Org Massachusetts Melanoma Foundation American Academy of Dermatology Skin Cancer Foundation www.
Members attend from a full range of Companies based in East Anglia.

International Journal of Cancer.
To increase educational programs and awareness regarding skin cancer prevention and detection with the outcome of reducing preventable deaths.
Outlines local boards of health authority, definitions, warnings, prohibitions, injury reporting.